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Birdy's Devon Toffee Shortbread


You will need


4 oz. plain flour

2 oz. cornflour or custard powder

4 oz. Margarine

2 tbsp. Birdy's Devon Honey


4 oz. margarine

4 oz. caster sugar

5 tbsp. condensed milk

3 tbsp. Birdy' Devon Honey


6 oz Chocolate


To make the base put the margarine and honey in a bowl and cream together. Gradually add the flour and cornflour. Beat to a soft dough. Spread into a base lined oblong dish 7" x 9" approx. Cook for 4 mins. on Full Power and leave to cool in the dish. To make the toffee filling put the margarine, sugar, honey and condensed milk in a large bowl. Cook on Full Power for 1 min. Stir well, cook for a further 3 mins. stirring well after each minute. Pour over the still warm base and leave to get completely cold. Put the chocolate for the topping in a small bowl and melt on Full Power for 1 min. Stir well. Pour on to the cooled filling and spread out making a pattern with the knife if liked. Leave to set and cut into squares.

This recipe was taken from the all new Birdy's Devon Honey Microwave Book. With lots of great ideas for Honey baking

The cooking times are for a 700 Watt Microwave. Please adjust times Accordingly.

Check with manufactures instructions.